What is the
ArchAngel Token?

The ArchAngel Token’s primary use case is to create a framework where core teams of researchers, analysts, engineers, and developers focus on specific issues or problems within crypto and digital assets. Problems and issues are analyzed using Root Cause Analysis. Next, the teams engineer and design potential solutions to solve the discovered problems, issues, or risks. Each solution then transforms into an ArchAngel Epic. Each Epic is launched into our Distribution of Value ecosystem where the independent token interacts with users while interfacing (exchange of data and services) with other projects within the ecosystem.

a two-prong
Technical Roadmap

ArchAngel’s two-prong technical roadmap follows two concurrently executed paths. One path incorporates valuable features into the token’s ecosystem every three months to continuously add value and use to the token. The second path, being executed at the same time as the first, explores the complex problems that exist with global crypto adoption. Our focus starts with discovery, research, and critical thinking and ends with a ArchAngel solution that solves a specific problem within crypto.  

100% Community
Inspired & Driven 

A group of approximately 500 crypto enthusiasts gathered together for a few weeks with three goals in mind. First, we wanted to create a token from scratch that incorporated the best, safest, most popular, and the most valuable features within crypto into a single token. Secondly, we wanted to create a token that organically supports a constantly growing ecosystem with self-sustaining features to produce a multi-generational asset. Finally, the community wanted to create a sector-agnostic token that strives to take on crypto’s biggest problems and challenges.

The Power of
the Community

There are millions of people within crypto. Many think that crypto consists of only speculative investors. While the investment aspect is important, we also believe that within this international community resides the sheer power, expertise, and untethered skill to solve the biggest and most challenging problems that currently exist or will surface with increased global adoption. Our goal is to harness the power of crypto’s largest volunteer workforce consisting of experts, researchers, analysts, architects, and developers who focus on solving problems and providing solutions.

The ArchAngel Litepaper is a quick read and can be seen by selecting the image seen here. Our more detailed ArchAngel project artifacts can be found in subsequent sections on this website. 

Other ArchAngel Project Artifacts found on this website in subsequent sections are:

  • ArchAngel Token Whitepaper
  • ArchAngel Token Technical Roadmap
  • ArchAngel Token Ecosystem Roadmap
  • ArchAngel Token Collaboration Network
  • ArchAngel Token Community Voting Archive


100 Quadrillion Total Deflationary Supply

45% Burned at Launch

Low Transaction Tax of only 6% broken down by:

  – 2% Burned with every transaction

  – 2% Rewards to holders with every transaction

  – 2% to MS wallet (Exchange, Staking, Marketing, Charity) 

Anti-Dump mechanisms 

Multi-Signature project wallets for added security

Auto-Replenishing Ecosystem for sustained growth

Exchange Budget for new exchanges (Coinsbit on 18 Oct)

Staking Pool (Feature #1)

BSC and Polygon Cross-Chain Solution (Feature #2)

Swaps and Exchanges with other Tokens (Feature #3)

Organizational Projects & Charity Wallet

100% of Liquidity locked for 1 year through TrustSwap

Doxxed Project Team

ERC-20 Contract Address


ArchAngel is proud to present its Cross-Chain solution with MetaMask! 

Click on the image to swap your BSC or Polygon assets into our ERC-20 ARCHA token.

* Additional solutions with Trust Wallet and Coin Base Wallet will be developed with our partners based on feedback we receive from our community.  

This survey contains general questions about your experiences while participating in the cryptocurrency and digital asset investment marketplace. This survey is 100% anonymous and you can skip any questions you do not want to answer.

Your feedback is important. The results of this survey will be used to help define various projects being planned by the ArchAngel Token community.

You can find more information in our strategy and technical documents posted in the below sections.

The Community is ArchAngel’s #1 most valuable and dynamic asset. We want to attract both the experienced and the inexperienced alike. There are millions of people within crypto and it is certain that solutions to problems (as well as new innovative ideas) already exist in the minds of this vast global community. We are going to harness that incredible power and show the crypto world what a multitude of innovative minds can accomplish.

Our primary telegram channel is our project’s welcome mat. It is where we offer a warm welcome, answers to questions, and describe the purpose of the project. This is also where we present ongoing initiatives and invite all to watch, collaborate, and actively participate.

During our initial development of the project, our community realized that our “want list” was significant. We started off with our list of “desired” features which were popular and useful aspects of existing tokens or projects that added value. Community polls turned “desired” into “required” and then we prioritized them onto our Roadmap.

In addition to features, we also explored the various sectors within crypto and digital assets where global adoption is sure to accelerate and saturate. Our goal was to identify specific sectors where we believe new solutions can be developed to add functionality or solve problems. We down-selected these larger ideas and called them “Epics”.

Our community conducted a holistic review of the primary sectors with the crypto and digital asset space to broaden the scope of ArchAngel and maximize longevity through the long-term cycle of adoption. Our first two “Epics” were selected for two primary reasons.  These sectors have incredible growth potential through mass adoption, and that adoption will introduce the need for new technical solutions that solve existing problems or eliminate potentially new problems or risks.  Our Epics are longer-term projects that start with research, discovery, and critical thinking before entering into design, development, and testing phases.

ArchAngel’s “Big Picture” is a consolidation of our Features and our Epics which create our overarching Technical Roadmap. Both paths are executed concurrently by core groups of volunteers from the community. This dynamic approach ensures that our short-term objectives continue to add value to our token and holders while we retain acute focus on our over-the-horizon Epics which encompass large and complex technical initiatives.  

Project Status

Track our Project Status as we meet our objectives and goals and accelerate through our Technical Roadmap. Stages 1-4 represent only our first 9 months of work (through the release of Epic #1 in our “Michael” release). Some listed items have direct links to specific portions of our Technical Roadmaps and various internet sites such as Telegram, Coin Gecko, and Coin Market Cap. 

Minimum Targets for the first 9 months of our Roadmap

Stage 1
Complete (24 days)

Stage 2

Stage 3

ArchAngel Token Leadership Team

ArchAngel is 100% community-driven and community-inspired. The project’s leadership team is in place to ensure the community has the support and resources needed to accelerate innovation, explore capabilities, design and build useful and valuable solutions, and enjoy the benefits of being part of a collaborative, engaged, and successful crypto community.


Project Team

Telegram:  @Jackie_2087

Jackie has been a leader of Marines for over 16 years, building a foundation of discipline and servant leadership and using his passion for financial markets (legacy and crypto) to help people learn about financial independence, optimizing cost and investment strategies.

He earned his undergrad from Boston University studying Business and concentrating in Finance. He is currently an MBA candidate at the University of Massachusetts focusing on leadership.

Jackie also has experience working in financial planning and also for a Fortune 500 financial services company doing IT project management for their Alternative Investment Business.

Jackie has been involved in crypto since 2017 and became very active in the DeFi and micro cap space of the industry in January 2021.


Project Manager

Telegram: @JoeArchAngelToken

Joe has 25 years of Operations, IT Portfolio, Program, and Project Management experience and has led both private corporate and federal IT portfolios with as many as 425 team members. He enjoys staying current with innovative and cutting edge technologies and practices within the IT industry.  

Joe has dozens of professional certifications in Project & Portfolio management, acquisition strategy, business operations, DevOps, DevSecOps, Agile, Lean Six Sigma, and Risk Management. He has been with ArchAngel since inception as the volunteer PM and is the architect behind the project’s technical roadmap. He is passionate about helping this incredible community achieve incredible milestones.  

Joe lives in the United States with his wife and 5 children. They enjoy all outdoor activities but especially hiking and exploring the mountains. 


Development Lead

Telegram:  @sorellekidz

A.I is our project’s Development Lead and uses this leadership role to guide, mentor, and shape the various technical initiatives ArchAngel is undertaking. He has been in crypto for a while and was one of the early bitcoin miners. He is passionate about crypto and focuses intently on development and technical design.

He studied Hotel Management abroad and attended one of the most prestigious schools in Switzerland. He has been successful in the world of business and owns and manages several food, beverage, and construction businesses. 

A.I. lives with his wife, 5 lovely daughters, and one very noisy Macaw. 


Information Technology

Telegram:  @ed17kkw

Ed has been with ArchAngel since the first day and is one of the community members who assisted with assembling our initial community in Telegram.

He served in the military within areas of technology and still actively participates in reserve duty and training. Ed manages numerous businesses and startups within the Digital Media industry and also works within the Satellite Communication sector. Currently having a patent file, he is pursuing a new startup in DLT for cybersecurity.

Ed is a passionate leader and believes in teamwork and unity. He challenges the ArchAngel community to collaborate, work hard, and not be afraid to explore ideas and voice opinions. 


Community Moderator

Telegram:  @ArchaQueen

Queen is a businesswoman from Cebu, Philippines. She is currently serving as Board Secretary in a Non Government Organization (NGO)  whose advocacy is to provide IT scholarships and services to less fortunate students.

She is passionate and dedicated to the communities that she serves and has been steadfast with helping with the ArchAngel project and community since the very beginning. Queen enjoys answering questions and providing information to those just joining the project or social medias. She has a passion for educating and mentoring while providing a positive environment where collaboration can occur.

Storm Crypto

Graphics Artist & Illustrator

Telegram:  @storm_crypto

Storm has been working with computers since he was 6 years old and quickly learned of his passion for working with computer programs and software. His specific areas of interest are within security, graphic design and illustration, videography, and cryptocurrencies.

Storm has been with the project since the first day and is actively in the telegram community looking for requests for new token designs.  He has submitted dozens of ArchAngel images that are being used throughout the projects artifacts, website, and social media channels. He loves to share ideas, help solve problems, and come up with solutions that add benefit to the community.

Storm lives in the US and loves fishing, exotic adventures, and international travel.

ArchAngel Crypto Queen

Community Moderator

Telegram: @ArchAngel_CryptoQueen 

ArchAngel Crypto Queen Hails from Brooklyn NY. She is a mom of a very smart and handsome son diagnosed with Autism. She holds a BA in Psychology from LIU and is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.

She is a published author and was featured in Hustler magazine and had her book mentioned on the Jimmy Fallon show. She’s a businesswoman, a former Cable Talk Show host and a Real Estate Investor. She’s a crypto enthusiast and see’s the potential for life changing wealth for herself and others and is passionate about helping others obtain financial freedom and living their best life.

 She loves going to the movies and reading when she can find the time.


Graphics Artist & Illustrator

Telegram:  @aeroflex

Aeroflex is a crypto enthusiast who has been involved in cryptocurrency and digital assets since 2016. His approach is to discover, buy, and hold, and he believes that crypto is going to change the quality of life for people all around the world. 

His professional career is in the sky as a Instrument Certified flight instructor. He flies all over within his region with both passengers and cargo. 

Aeroflex speaks to the community through his graphic design and artistic ability. He works with other graphic artists within the community to create ArchAngel designs that capture the essence of our project and community. 

Em Jay

Community Moderator

Telegram:  @Canook

Em Jay is a crypto enthusiast coming to us from Ontario, Canada. He has been active in traditional investments and stocks for several years and became interested in Crypto in March 2020.

He studied Industrial Maintenance in college, but that’s not the only topic he has studied. He is a black belt in Judo and is a former Canadian Judo champion. Em Jay enjoys being outside, having fun in nature, camping, fishing, hiking, and going to the gym.

Em Jay is passionate about the ArchAngel community and has been with the project since the day it was created. He enjoys interacting with community members and sharing the project’s unique and exciting history. Em Jay and his wife Lyn have 5 great kids.


Marketing Lead

Telegram:  @Steven

Steven has over 13 years of corporate and local experience within the fields of marketing and media coordination. Working from both office and field locations, Steven’s impressive talents were put to use while working for Aramark, Harris Health Systems, and Thompson & Hanson.

Steven has been a member of the ArchAngel community since day 1 and serves as the projects Marketing Lead. Using his marketing and communication skills, Steven’s desire is to create an environment within the community that provides a positive and meaningful impact.

Steven is a proud Texan who has been involved with crypto since 2016. He enjoys being a part of communities that collaborate, engage, and work together to provide solutions.


Solutions Analyst

Telegram:  @CesarArchAngelToken

Cesar ArchAngelToken has been part of our ArchAngel community since day one! He is very dedicated to our ArchAngel project and is active within our Telegram groups. He works on our Social Media sites and assists with solution testing. 

Cesar has a master’s degree in Information Technology from Purdue University and owns two businesses, one is an IT company and the second is an automobile dealership. He is highly active in his local community and enjoys volunteering his talents and skills. 

Cesar lives in United States with his wife and 4 great kids. His entire family is very passionate about crypto coins and tokens, especially the ArchAngel Token project.

When he is not managing his businesses or working on ArchAngel, Cesar enjoys spending time with his family. They love to take family trips and enjoy spending time on the lake, going to the local beaches, and hiking.



Telegram:  @icecreamandcryptogems

Sting entered the crypto world in early 2021. He arrived out of curiosity and that curiosity has exploded his interest. Sting has an extensive background in both Economics and Law and has degrees in both fields. He currently works to assess financial investment scenarios and financial probabilities related to world bank disbursements.

His background has also refined his passion within the areas of analysis and research. He studies patterns and indicators within crypto and digital assets that reveal investments with a stronger likelihood of success and reduced level of risk.

Sting lives in the Philippines and travels extensively around the world. He enjoys traveling, conducting research, and helping others achieve financial freedom. Sting serves as the project’s Lead Economist.

Crypto Caddy

Community Moderator 

Telegram:  @CryptoCaddy1

Crypto Caddy has been on his crypto journey since early 2021. What started as a hobby has evolved into the passion and drive he brings to ArchAngel. He has been in business administration for the past 17 years and uses that experience to help others within crypto.  He established the “Crypto Caddy” YouTube channel to help educate and inform while helping others recognize the traps and pitfalls that prey on new or inexperienced enthusiasts.

He has always been involved within his community and served as a volunteer firefighter for 4 years in his hometown. He is a certified SkyWarn Storm Spotter with National Weather Service.

In his downtime, he loves traveling, cars, hikes, cyber-security and being a family man. He is a down-to-earth kind of guy who truly enjoys helping others.