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What is ArchAngel Token?

In 2021, a community of passionate digital asset enthusiasts created & launched the ArchAngel Token and project. Under this banner, we resolved to create a project that focuses on three core areas: Industry & Technology, Projects & Ecosystems, People & Communities, and using these three combined we will achieve Financial Freedom

If you share these goals then you have found the right project.

We hope you will join us!

Our team is constantly available through our official Telegram group, Discord, Facebook page and Reddit. Please never share your wallet seed phrase with anyone. that’s the password to access your crypto coins and tokens.

Welcome to our Archangel Family!


Archangel's usecase and purpose

Our primary use case is to build an ecosystem and dynamic user environment that actively pursues objectives and goals within our four cornerstone focus areas.

Please take a few moments to read the project documents that are posted on this site:  Whitepaper, Technical Roadmap, Ecosystem Roadmap, and our NFT Collection Guide.

Archa Staking Pool:  Archa’s ERC20 token (ARCHA)  is the base token within the ecosystem and offers investors with the opportunity to stake their Archa tokens. 

Staked tokens earn holders passive rewards with additional Archa tokens, but more importantly they earn native tokens from every project within the Ecosystem within Archa’s Distribution of Value (DoV) model. Each token within the ArchAngel ecosystem provides a portion of their transactional taxes back to the Archangel staking pools where they are distributed to stakers. Earn tokens from each and every project in the Ecosystem (including Archa) by simply staking your Archa. 

Archa on Guardian Platform

This is how ecosystems are supposed to work!

Check out ArchAngel’s Project Dashboard on the Guardian Platform.  Guardian Token, an ArchAngel Ecosystem partner, is developing the Guardian Platform to become the most comprehensive user-focused data platform within the industry. Keep a close eye on this project as it moves into Phases 2, 3, and 4. 

Staking Pool Cycle 6 has started!

Posted: 31 October 2023

Archa’s Staking Pool is now locked for 90 days for our 6th cycle of staking. During Cycle 6, Archa stakers receive rewards in Archa, Guardian, Okami, and ZeroGas.  MemeMafia is also contributing Shib and Tsuka tokens from executed buybacks!   


ALWAYS access Archa’s staking pool from our official website:

Any other site, link, or DAPP is a scam.

Scammers will try to replicate accounts and impersonate members of the community. Don’t fall for that, please be careful!

Visit ARCHA’s Staking Pool page for more information:

Read the pinned messages in the Archa TG or check out the Archa Announcement TG page and our Herald posts on Guardian Platform.

ArchAngel Token

Project Artifacts

The ArchAngel Whitepaper provides a great overview of our project, the tokenomics, our ecosystem, and our goals and objectives.

The ArchAngel Technical Roadmap provides our strategic plan to build technical solutions into our Ecosystem to add value and benefits.

The ArchAngel Ecosystem Roadmap depicts how projects within the Archa DoV Ecosystem work together to provide dynamic mutual support and added value.

The ArchAngel NFT Collection Guide describes Archa’s NFT Program and how the program is integrated into our Technical and Ecosystem Roadmaps. This is an exciting new initiative for ArchAngel (Feature #6).


100 Quadrillion Total Deflationary Supply

 – 45% Burned at Launch

– 6%  Buy/Sell transaction taxes (2% Burned, 2% Reflections, 2% Ops)

– 0% tax on transfers

– 1 Year locked LP via TrustSwap, renewed annually before expiration

– Gnosis Multi-Signature project wallet (Exchanges, Marketing,       Staking, Charities)

– Security Audit completed by SolidProof

– Project Team  KYC’d from 3 different international agencies

– Powerful ERC20 smart contract designed specifically to support our Staking Pool. 

– Community-inspired, volunteer-led, and determined to make a difference. 

ArchAngel Ecosystem Development

 Guardian Platform

ERC20 token and project that launched on 9 April 2022 as an integral part of the Archa Ecosystem. The data-rich platform being developed focuses on providing users with a comprehensive collection of digital asset tools and resources.

The project recently advanced into Phase 2 development which includes building a critical part of the platform’s infrastructure:  User Accounts.  Using a custom developed SSO application, users will have the ability to explore My Guardian and customize their digital asset experience as additional features and utilites are added.

Phase 2 work is critical to the expansion of the platform which includes features such as BagTrax (portfolio management), WhaleWatchR (follow the money), BrainStem (digital asset content delivery platform), and many others. Visit the Guardian Platform TG or Website for all the latest updates on the platform’s development and be sure to read the Integration Roadmap and the Milestone Tracker.

Official Guardian Website:

Official Guardian TG:

Okami Token

Joined the Archa ecosystem on 16 April 2023 and launched their V2 token with tokenomics that include Ethereum reflections to all token holders.

We are thrilled to be a part of this amazing project and support the Okami community as they explore the exciting world of game development.

Official Okami website:

Official Okami TG:

Meme Mafia

ERC20 Token and sector-focused project that started development in Feb 2023. This project brings a touch of popular culture to our ecosystem and adds top-ranked meme tokens to our Staking Pool. Community voting results in buybacks of top projects. Buyback tokens are added to Archa’s staking pool. Txn taxes are also used for buybacks of Archa ecosystem projects (also added to the staking pool).

Liquidty locked for 50 years.

Fair Launch, no airdrops, presale, or team wallets.

Contract Verified and Renounced.

Perfect scores on TokenSniffer, Dexani, HoneyPot, and Dex Quick Intel.

1/1 taxes and the contract has been executing transactions for $3-5 (with Gwei between 15-20).

Official Website:

Official Telegram:

Official Twitter:

OpenSea NFT Collection:


ERC20 Token, project in development, utilizes technologies to help reduce transaction and gas fees for Ethereum-based tokens.  

Project Type:  External ecosystem project. 

Expected Launch:  TBD by the ZeroGas team. 


Liquidity Locked through TrustSwap

ArchAngel Token

Project listing platforms



Track our Project Status as we meet our objectives and goals and accelerate through our Technical and Ecosystem Roadmaps.


Stage 1 


  • Create Contract 100% 100%
  • Test Contract 100% 100%
  • Create and launch Website 100% 100%
  • Release Archa V1 Artifacts: Whitepaper and Litepaper 100% 100%
  • Listing on Coin Gecko 100% 100%
  • Listing on Coin Market Cap 100% 100%
  • Commence work on Gabriel Feature 1 (Staking Pool) 100% 100%
  • Commence work on Michael Epic 1 (User Platform) 100% 100%

Stage 2


  • Release Archa V2 Artifacts: Whitepaper, Tech Roadmap, Ecosystem Roadmap 100% 100%
  • Migrate to Upgraded Smart Contract 100% 100%
  • Contract Security Audit (SolidProof) 100% 100%
  • 1-Yr initial Liquidity Lock Liquidity (TrustSwap) 100% 100%
  • Update CMC, Dex, CG, Etherscan post-migration 100% 100%
  • Admin Team KYC (SolidProof and Fractal) 100% 100%
  • Release Gabriel Feature 1 (Staking Pool) 100% 100%
  • Open ARCHA Merchandise Shop 100% 100%
  • 1st Exchange Listing (CoinsBit) 100% 100%
  • First major charitable donation (AAH) 100% 100%
  • Advertise on Dextools 100% 100%
  • Commence work on Jophiel Feature 2 (BNB Cross-Chain) 100% 100%
  • Release Archa V3 Artifacts: Whitepaper, Tech Roadmap, Ecosystem Roadmap 100% 100%

Stage 3


  • Release Jophiel Feature 2 (BNB Cross-Chain) 100% 100%
  • Second major charitable donation 100% 100%
  • Create Future Exchanges wallet 100% 100%
  • Commence work on Ariel Feature 3 (Token Swaps) 100% 100%
  • Commence work on Metatron Feature 5 (BSC ARCHA) 100% 100%
  • Select Epic 2 Sector 100% 100%
  • Launch Gabriel Feature 1 (Staking Pool) Phase 2 – Multi-Tokens 100% 100%
  • Release v4 Artifacts (Whitepaper, Roadmaps, Ecosystem) 100% 100%
  • Commence contributions to Future Exchange wallet 100% 100%
  • Commence work on Sachiel Feature 6 (NFT Program) 100% 100%
  • Commence Technical Discovery on PB Feature 7 (Gaming) 100% 100%
  • Commence framework on Andromeda Feature 8 (AMV) with Guardian Platform 100% 100%

Stage 4


  • Release V4 Whitepaper, Litepaper, Tech Roadmap, and Ecosystem Roadmap 100% 100%
  • Launch Michael Epic 1 (Guardian Platform) 100% 100%
  • Update Staking Pool for Cycles 2, 3, and 4 100% 100%
  • Form Herald Team with Guardian Platform and execute roadmap 100% 100%
  • Create Archa dashboard on Guardian’s Stage 5 100% 100%
  • Launch Herald with Guardian Platform 100% 100%
  • Create Archa Herald account on Guardian Platform 100% 100%
  • Accumulate $10k in Future Exchange Wallet 100% 100%

Stage 5


Phase 1

  • Launch Sachiel Feature 6 (NFT Program) 100% 100%
  • Commence Development Discovery for PB Feature 7 (Gaming). 100% 100%
  • Assist Guardian Platform with their Phase 2 (SSO) Beta Testing 75% 75%
  • Release Archa V5 artifacts: Whitepaper, Tech Roadmap, Ecosystem Roadmap 100% 100%
  • Release Archa V1 NFT Collection Guide 100% 100%
  • Update Archa website with updated documents 100% 100%
  • Update Guardian, Herald, CMC, CG, Dex and Socials with new Archa logo 100% 100%
  • Accumulate $20K in Future Exchange wallet 98% 98%
  • Create Exchange Research Team and commence research for second major exchange listing 25% 25%
  • Create Charity Team and select 3 international charities for 2023 contributions 0% 0%
  • Design new V3 Gabriel Staking Pool 100% 100%
  • Incorporate at least 3 new Harvest features in the new V3 Staking Pool. 100% 100%
  • Launch the V3 Staking Pool and prepare for unstaking from the V2 staking pool. Extend unstaking from V2 out until 1 September 2023. 100% 100%

Stage 6


Phase 2

  • Select 3 new features to add to Archa’s 2024 Tech Roadmap 0% 0%
  • Create initial AMV webpage & links 100% 100%
  • Assist ZeroGas team if requested, launch prep and launch assistance, website updates 0% 0%
  • Form Volt collaboration team and explore listing potential. 0% 0%
  • Form SaitaPro collaboration team and explore listing potential. 0% 0%
  • Build website team from community and commence Archa Website V3 rebuild 0% 0%
  • Onboard 1 new external ecosystem project 100% 100%
  • Accumulate $40k in Future Exchange wallet 48% 48%
  • Select second exchange and prepare requirements for listing 0% 0%
  • Assist with the refinement of the MM project. 100% 100%
  • Assist with MM artifact updates and testing. 100% 100%
  • Assist with the launch of MM. 80% 80%
  • List on second major exchange 0% 0%
  • Execute Go/No Go decision on PB Feature 7 (Gaming) 0% 0%
  • Execute 2023 international charity contributions 0% 0%
  • Onboard 2nd Ecosysem project in 2023 90% 90%

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