The ArchAngel Ecosystem Metaverse

Building our  Future

ArchAngel Token

The ArchAngel Token is building a dynamic ecosystem where projects, teams, and communities support each other to maximize efficiencies and accelerate adoption within our industry.

Ecosystem projects focus on building their own features and utilities while reinforcing their project’s core use case(s). Projects share their developed technologies within the ecosystem, generating instant adoption with other projects and communities.

We believe we are stronger and more effective when we work together towards common goals. The Andromeda Metaverse (AMV) will play in integral role in rapid and effective adoption of the technologies we develop.

Guardian Token & the Guardian Platform 

The Guardian Token project is building the Guardian Platform, a data and feature-rich environment focused on providing users with what they need to be informed and successful.

Guardian’s phases 2, 3, and 4 contain major development and integration objecives focused entirely on providing users with a dynamic and collaborative space.  Work includes integrating numerous Features from Archa’s Technical Roadmap as well as Guardian’s own exciting and innovative features. All of this work focuses on creating a user experience like no other within this space.  Andromeda is going to be disruptive.

Click on Guardian’s logo to visit the platform, or click here to check out the project’s Telegram group. 

Archangel Token Technical Roadmap

The ArchAngel Technical Roadmap represents Archa’s living plan to identify related features (internal technical initiatives) and epics (ecosystem projects) as early as possible. This roadmap helps ensure strategic alignment and integration planning occur as early as possible within each phase of our growth and development. 

ArchAngel’s NFT Collection

Archa’s NFT Program (Feature 6) that just launched in December 2022 is going to play a major part in the development of Andromeda, specifically Archa’s presence within our metaverse.

The collection contains 6 primary sub-collections and a handful of special collections. At onset, our goal is establish the NFT program, populate each sub-collection, and commence on integration with Archa’s Feature 7 (PB), Feature 8 (AMV), and Guardian Platform’s Phase 2, 3 and 4 development.

Archa’s NFT Collection can be found on OpenSea. Be sure to scroll through each of the sub-collections and sort by “Recently Created” to see the latest NFTs that have been created. 

Let’s Build This Together

The digital asset industry is moving forward at a rapid pace with no regard to market conditions.  New and exciting AI, Web3, and Blockchain technologies are being designed and developed by the largest companies on the planet, and this proves that our industry is at the very beginning of a very exciting journey.

ArchAngel and our Ecosystem partners are not going to sit on the sidelines and watch this occur.  We are going to be involved. We are going to be disruptive. We are going to be part of the solutions that help our industry recognize the potential that it has.  We hope you will join us!

Are you working on a new project that has not launched yet? Does your project, team, and community want to be surrounded by people who share the same passion and commitment as you?  Quit wasting precious time. Indecisiveness will leave you in the dust.

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