Building Archa’s Digital Asset Future

Archa's NFT Program
  1. Play an active role in NFTs as our industry learns how to develop and integrate this incredible technology. Archa will not sit on the sidelines during these initial phases. We will participate.
  2. Build a collection of rare, unique, diverse, and beautiful digital assets that can be incorporated into future Archa features and utilities as the project develops.
  3. Offer holders with the opportunity to actively participate in the development of this exciting industry sector, to learn along with our industry through proactive discovery and technical experimentation.
  4. Open doors for marketing, advertising, and partnerships through the development of a diverse digital asset strategy.
Minting Information
  1. 6 primary sub-collections with 500 unique 1-of-1 NFTs. Each NFT is priced at .02 Eth and is available on OpenSea. NFTs can be purchased, sold, and transferred to others using the OpenSea NFT platform.
  2. Additional special collections are being created and are also limited to 500 mints.
  3. Archa Ultimates are 3D animated NFTs that can be requested by any person. Ultimates are created by-request and utilize the existing NFTs within any of the sub-collections.
Engagement & Growth
  1. Games, random drawings, scavenger hunts (Super Sleuth), and other activities occur using the NFTs throughout the collection.
  2. NFTs will assist in ecosystem engagement and the development of integrated features and utilities.
  3. The bottom of this page describes how proceeds from our NFT collection are used to strength our project and contribute to the future development of our initiatives.
NFT Collection Guide

Archa’s NFT Collection Guide is posted on our main page and can also be seen by clicking on this link (will open in a new browser window). The guide describes the collection, benefits and objectives, and how our NFT Program integrates with various Archa initiatives.

The ArchAngel NFT Collection is comprised of multiple dividual sub-collections. Each NFT is launched on OpenSea and costs .02 Eth to purchase, with one exception as the Archa Ultimates are .08 Eth. Proceeds from each sale are directed back to Archa and are distributed to critical areas within the  project’s budget. These contributions from the NFT Program support the growth of Archa while advancing the core initiatives we have (Technical Roadmap).

Marketing & Advertising: To ramp up exposure using targeted ads and other high-traffic/high visibility methods.

Future Exchanges: Continuing to add funds to our Future Exchange wallet which continues to grow in value.

Buybacks & Staking: We use proceeds from this program to purchase Archa Tokens on the open market and then add those tokens into the Staking Pool for distribution to stakers.

Dev Ops: To help cover the costs of developing this initiative with our community and execute various activities to create value and diversity within our project. 

Six Primary Sub-Collections







Other Special Sub-Collections



Vikings (coming soon)

Wheelz (personalized NFTs coming soon)

Check out the entire collection on OpenSea, or click on the below links to see just a few examples of the NFTs in each sub-collection.  

The 6 Primary Sub-Collections

Special Sub-Collections

Community Gems Collection

Your Own Custom NFT.

A part of Archa’s Feature 4 (Holder Rewards):  OpenSea accounts that hold at least 3 Archa NFTs from any of the Archa NFT sub-collections can submit a photo to our NFT Artist. The Artist has volunteered to create and deliver a FREE NFT to all Archa NFT holders who qualify.

A submission form allows you to attach a photo of your choice and then select various themes to give the Artist some ideas on how to transform your picture into a custom NFT.  You can also select “Original” and the Artist will not make any changes to the image.

Choose any picture you want of family, friends, pets, a special memory, etc.  Keep in mind that high quality originals will produce the best results.  Photos must be in JPG or PNG format please.

Your NFT will be created by the Artist, minted, and delivered to the ERC wallet address identified on your public OpenSea profile.  There is a limit of one Community Gems NFT per qualified OpenSea account. 

Sample Community Gem NFTs coming soon!

Submission Form Coming Soon!

Non-Fungible Tokens

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets that have been tokenized via a blockchain. They are created with unique metadata that distinguishes them from other digital assets.

NFTs cannot be replicated or forged.

They can represent real assets such as real estate, art, and real property.

They can represent unique characteristics which include identities, serialized data, production data, and other critical ownership information.

They can be bought, sold, or transferred in any manner using blockchain technologies and using terms agreed upon by all involved parties. The transactions are indisputable, visible, and permanently stored within the blockchain. 

Benefits of NFTs

“Perhaps, the most apparent benefit of NFTs is market efficiency. Tokenizing a physical asset can streamline sales processes and remove intermediaries. NFTs representing digital or physical artwork on a blockchain can eliminate the need for agents and allow sellers to connect directly with their target audiences (assuming the artists know how to host their NFTs securely).

Non-fungible tokens are an evolution of the relatively simple concept of cryptocurrencies. Modern finance systems consist of sophisticated trading and loan systems for different asset types, from real estate to lending contracts to artwork. By enabling digital representations of assets, NFTs are a step forward in the reinvention of this infrastructure.”

Rakesh Sharma, Investopedia

Untapped Potential

The Digital Asset industry as a whole is still in the earliest stages of discovering all of the possible NFT use cases, and the ArchAngel project is not going to sit on the sidelines during discovery and exploration phases.  

The early use of art and music as NFTs is just the beginning as global industries examine the power of blockchain technologies and the security that NFTs offer. Global industries are learning how they can incorporate NFTs into their models (security, finances, real estate, marketplaces, personal documentation, music, tickets/entertainment, gaming, sports, etc.).

Here are just a few that are leading the way:

Adidas, Samsung, eBay, Nike, Shopify, Formula 1, McDonalds, Prada, Coca Cola, Ticketmaster

Amazon, Starbucks, Gucci, Walmart

Salesforce, Lamborghini, Louis Vuitton, Ray-Ban

NBA, Campbells, Mattel, Taco Bell, Associated Press

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