Buying Archa

You can directly buy ARCHA via uniswap widget with your ETH below :

Never Stop Looking

At Archangel community, devs never stop seeking and testing new solutions.


Archangel community believe in partnership in order not to reinvent the wheels.

Peace of Mind

Archangeltoken Devs always test their solution to the best of their knowledge for the safety of community


Testing and putting solutions to trials takes time and money. We all wanna be protective to our community making sure every penny well spent and greatest effort are put in.


Our Partnership with Rubic for Cross-chain

Now you can save on converting your favorite chain coin to Etherium just to get ARCHA!

Currently it work best on Metamask with BSC or POLYGON Chain coins

If you can’t see ARCHA in your Metamask Wallet, remember to switch over to your ERC network and add ARCHA as a custom token so that the tokens are visible in your ERC wallet.
– Enter the contract address : 
– Enter the Symbol: ARCHA
– Enter the decimals: 9


Eth Gas fee and partner commission applies and are paid in the assets being used. Archangel Token does not earn a commission from your transaction. This collaboration is to enable our community members use other blockchain assets to swap into our ERC-20 ARCHA token. This widget is brought to you by collaboration with Rubic.

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