Using the widget on the right, you can swap your assets in other blockchains into ArchAngel Token (ARCHA ). The widget works like Uniswap and uses the same Uniswap liquidity pool. 

Below are the simple steps:
1.The Widget is set at default using BSC to swap to
ARCHA. You can leave it or select the blockchain of the asset you want to use to swap by pressing “V ” on the right side of the word “BNB
2. Within your MetaMask wallet, select the Network of the asset you want to use to swap to
3. Once connected, go back to the widget and enter the the value you want to swap.
4. Press Swap and Approve the transaction on your wallet.
5. After a few minutes, if your transaction is successful,
ARCHA is transferred into your wallet.
6. Back inside your MetaMask wallet, switch over to your ERC network and add ARCHA as a custom token so that the tokens are visible in your ERC wallet. 
– Enter the contract address: 

– Enter the Symbol: ARCHA
– Enter the decimals: 9

Congratulations! Now you have a bag of


Eth Gas fee and partner commission applies and are paid in the assets being used. Archangel Token does not earn a commission from your transaction. This collaboration is to enable our community members use other blockchain assets to swap into our ERC-20 ARCHA token. This widget is brought to you by collaboration with  Rubic