ArchAngel Token (ARCHA)

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The Community is ArchAngel’s #1 most valuable and dynamic asset. We want to attract both the experienced and the inexperienced alike. There are millions of people within crypto and it is certain that solutions to problems (as well as new innovative ideas) already exist in the minds of this vast global community. We are going to harness that incredible power and show the crypto world what a multitude of innovative minds can accomplish.

Our primary telegram channel is our project’s welcome mat. It is where we offer a warm welcome, answers to questions, and describe the purpose of the project. This is also where we present ongoing initiatives and invite all to watch, collaborate, and actively participate.

Desire vs Require

During our initial development of the project, our community realized that our “want list” was significant. We started off with our list of “desired” features which were popular and useful aspects of existing tokens or projects that added value. Community polls turned “desired” into “required” and then we prioritized them onto our Roadmap.

In addition to features, we also explored the various sectors within crypto and digital assets where global adoption is sure to accelerate and saturate. Our goal was to identify specific sectors where we believe new solutions can be developed to add functionality or solve problems. We down-selected these larger ideas and called them “Epics”.

Holistic Review

Our community conducted a holistic review of the primary sectors with the crypto and digital asset space to broaden the scope of ArchAngel and maximize longevity through the long-term cycle of adoption. Our first two “Epics” were selected for two primary reasons.  These sectors have incredible growth potential through mass adoption, and that adoption will introduce the need for new technical solutions that solve existing problems or eliminate potentially new problems or risks.  Our Epics are longer-term projects that start with research, discovery, and critical thinking before entering into design, development, and testing phases.

Big Picture

ArchAngel’s “Big Picture” is a consolidation of our Features and our Epics which create our overarching Technical Roadmap. Both paths are executed concurrently by core groups of volunteers from the community. This dynamic approach ensures that our short-term objectives continue to add value to our token and holders while we retain acute focus on our over-the-horizon Epics which encompass large and complex technical initiatives.  

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