The Guardian Round 1 Presale List!
Round 1 will be executed non-stop from start to finish and will be open for 4 days (96 hours max, sooner if the 5T available supply is depleted). The dates for Round 1 will be posted this week. The qualified wallets identified on the Round 1 Whitelist may make a donation of any size between $250 – $5,000. All donations must be in ERC-based USDC. Donations must originate from the qualified wallet listed on the whitelist. Donations that are received from wallets NOT on the whitelist will not be refunded. Donations that exceed the maximum donation amount of $5,000 will NOT be refunded and will NOT result in receiving additional Guardian tokens. Just prior to public launch, Guardian Tokens will be airdropped into those wallets. DO NOT move your airdropped tokens to another wallet until the contract has been launched to the public.
Guardian Presale Round 1 Whitelist

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