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Archangel has migrated to New Token Contract

Archangel Token Hodlers : We have migrated to new token contract. Our New ARCHA contract is : 0x36e43065e977bc72cb86dbd8405fae7057cdc7fd You can find us at the links below : 1. Dextools 2. CoinMarketCap We are currently waiting for CoinGecko to update archangel...

Archangel Token will begin New Contract Migration

Archangel Token Migration We are officially starting the process of the Migration. Below are the steps  : 1. Announcement2. Check Etherscan for all the wallets3. Remove LP from current trading pair in Uniswap4. Deploy new contract with the LP5. Airdrop new token to...

Closing Coinsbit Trade and Deposit on Current Archangel Token Contract

Closing Trade and deposit on Current Archangel token in coinsbitWe officially started the process of closing trading of Archangel for contract migration. Those holding archangel token inside Coinsbit will have their replacement token slightly slower than those...

Removed FEGex Listing

Archangel delist in FEGexDo not Panic! We officially has removed listing in FEGex for Archangel Token in preparation of contract Migration. Stay Tuned.With Love from Team Archangel Token

Preparation of Migration to new Contract

Preps of Archangel Token migration to new contractWe are in the process of preparing for the migration to the upgraded Archangel Token contract. The major logistics work with FEGex and Coinsbit is currently in progress. To prepare for the use of the upgraded contract,...

Increase in Traffic Upon Engaging China Platform

Increase in Traffic Upon Engaging China PlatformIncrease of Website traffic from China as shown on the graph below. Devs decided to start ball rolling on China platform marketing with their own pockets. ARCHANGEL DEV and team will continue monitor the traffic from all...

Voting Results

Additional Language for Website Poll Result

Additional Language for Website Poll Result

addtional languageS to our website POLL ResultPolls has ended and the picture shows the poll result.  Arabic, Spanish and Mandarin pack will be added soon. Stay tuned!Thank you! Spread the love of Archangel Token community!

Additional Language Poll

Additional Language Poll

Have you take the poll to add addtional language to our website?Please go click on the picture below to voteThank you! Spread the love of Archangel Token community!


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