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In 2021, a community of passionate digital asset enthusiasts created & launched the ArchAngel Token and project. Under this banner, we resolved to create a project that focuses on four core areas: Industry & Technology, Projects & Ecosystems, People & Communities, and using these three combined to learn how to gain Financial Freedom. These primary attributes guide Archa’s objectives & goals. We hope you will join us!

Industry & Technology:  Actively participate in the industry’s technical discovery, learning, development, and implementation cycles. We believe that the digital asset industry is still at the very beginning of these phases, and we want (demand) to be involved.

Projects & Ecosystem:  Create an ecosystem of like-minded projects who strive to develop and provide solutions to current or emerging problems. Projects mutually support each other in a non-competitive environment and share developed features & utilities with other ecosystem projects.  We believe projects are stronger when they work together towards common goals. 

People & Communities:  People are at the very heart of the digital asset industry, and the adoption and use of emerging technologies cannot occur without people and communities. Archa believes that focusing on what people need (user success) will accelerate acceptance and adoption while assisting with risk reduction within a complicated technical environment.

Financial Freedom:  We have the strongest desire to plan, manage, and control our own financial strategies. Archa’s ecosystem projects focus on delivering solutions that help us achieve these goals across a broad spectrum of the digital asset industry. We believe that people should have the information and tools to confidently execute their own strategies.


ArchAngel’s two-prong Technical Roadmap follows two concurrently executed paths. One path builds value directly into the Archa Token and commuinity using Feature development. Features add immediate value to Archa token holders by offering popular, useful, and valuable attributes to the token and holders. The project currently has 8 Features identified, many of which are already integrated. 

The second path (running concurrently with the first) explores more complex challenges that exist with the global adoption of crypto. These larger and more complex projects are called Epics. Each Epic will be defined with a specific Use Case based on the problem it solves. Once completed, the Epic will be released within the ecosystem as its own independent token with its own value, tokenomics, and utility.

As the ArchAngel community grows, the project will accelerate the production of Epics (utility-centric tokens) for inclusion into the ArchAngel ecosystem.


The ArchAngel community developed objectives and goals for the project to drive our execution timeline and deliver valuable solutions to crypto users.  Objectives and Goals also help ensure we continue to build value in ARCHA while remaining true to our values and principals.  Objectives are specific actionable targets that support achieving goals.

ArchAngel Objectives

1.Build, grow, and sustain a dynamic cryptocurrency ecosystem that provides holders with a valuable multi-generational cryptocurrency asset.

2.Honor the consensus of the community while maximizing the sheer power of a diverse, skilled, and experienced volunteer workforce to produce innovative technical solutions that solve problems and help us gain financial freedom.

3.Support communities, charities, and organizational projects which consistently produce positive results.

2023 ArchAngel Goals

1. Select and prioritize 3 new Features to integrate into Archa’s Technical Roadmap with focus on features that add value and utility to holders, our project, and the project’s digital assets.   

2. Support the development of Epic #2 (ZeroGas) and assist the ZeroGas team with as much assistance as we can offer as a community. Volunteer our time and expertise in areas where our contributions help the project achieve its goals.  

3. Add one new external project to our Ecosystem and work with the project so that it can be successful. Create mutually supportive environments.

4. By the end of Q3 2023, complete the release of Feature 6 (NFT Program).

5. Select 3 international charities that we can directly support with our time, resources, and charitable donations. Create a team to help with this initiative. 

6. Assist Guardian Token with its Phase 2 work (MyGuardian), provide testers when requested and participate in feedback forums and refinement sessions.

7. Select the next exchange for Archa, determine costs, and set achievable goals to meet exchange requirements.  


ArchAngel’s tokenomics were created so that the ARCHA token can sustain rapid growth. The token has a 100Q max supply and 45% of that supply was burned at launch. The tokenomics revolve around a 6% transaction tax that provides 2% rewards to holders, a 2% burn, and contributes 2% to the projects multisignature project budget wallet.

Anti-dump prevention includes a higher tax on transactions that cause a negative price impact greater than 2%. The multi-signature project budget wallet provides the self-sustaining mechanisms to provide working and reserve capital towards new exchanges, marketing, our staking pool, and our organizational projects and charities. This capital within this wallet solves one of the most significant problem that poorly planned and executed crypto projects suffer from, the lack of working capital.

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Want more detail?

All ArchAngel project artifacts can be viewed in PDF format by selecting the below links. 

Cryptocurrency Listing  

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