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The ArchAngel Token is an ERC-20 token that was launched on 19 September 2021. The project team and community of 500 initial enthusiasts spent over 4 weeks developing this solution before it was launched on Uniswap. ArchAngel was designed to actively promote the adoption and use of cryptocurrency and digital
assets by providing solutions that make such adoption and use easier, transparent, secure, and less dependent on the user’s technical experience. This community-led project is designing and building a revolutionary ecosystem called the Distribution of Value (DoV) where all ArchAngel projects will exist.
The ArchAngel Token’s primary use case is to create a framework where core teams of researchers, analysts, engineers, and developers focus on specific issues or problems within crypto and digital assets. Problems and issues are analyzed using Root Cause Analysis. Next, the teams engineer and design potential solutions to solve the discovered problems, issues, or risks. Each solution then transforms into an ArchAngel Epic. Each Epic is launched into our Distribution of Value ecosystem where the independent token interacts with users while interfacing (exchange of data and services) with other projects within the ecosystem.


ArchAngel’s two-prong Technical Roadmap follows two concurrently executed paths. One path incorporates valuable Features directly on to the ARCHA token every three months. Features add immediate value to ARCHA token holders by offering popular, useful, and valuable attributes to the token and holders. The project’s first three (3) included on the Technical Roadmap include swaps with other tokens, a BNB crosschain solution, and an ArchAngel staking pool which will receive rewards from ecosystem projects.

The second path (running concurrently with the first) explores more complex challenges that exist with the global adoption of crypto. These larger and more complex projects are called Epics. Each Epic will be defined with a specific Use Case based on the problem it solves. Once completed, the Epic will be released within the ecosystem as its own independent token with its own value, tokenomics, and utility.

As the ArchAngel community grows, the project will accelerate the production of Epics (utility-centric tokens) for inclusion into the ArchAngel ecosystem.


The ArchAngel community has developed Objectives and Goals for the project. These objectives and goals
can be seen on our website. Each Objective and Goal has been carefully integrated into our Whitepaper,
Technical Roadmap, and Ecosystem Roadmap to ensure we successfully achieve these milestones.
ArchAngel’s initial Objectives:

  1. To create, develop and maintain a dynamic cryptocurrency ecosystem that provides holders with a
    valuable asset to hold for generations to come.
  2. Honor community consensus while maximizing the full power of a diverse, skilled workforce of
    volunteers to create innovative technical solutions that solve existing or emerging problems.
  3. Support communities, organizational projects, and charities that demonstrate a consistent positive
    impact on people’s lives.

ArchAngel’s initial Goals (developed using the “SMART” goal-creation model):

  1. Select and prioritize 3 initial Features to implement and integrate into ecosystem within nine
    months of token launch.
  2. Select and prioritize 2 two initial Epics to implement and integrate into the ecosystem within
    eighteen months of the token launch.
  3. Build up a community of 5,000 holders within 3 months of release.
  4. Identify 3 communities, organizational projects, or charities to work with within the first few
    months after launch.


ArchAngel’s tokenomics were created so that the ARCHA token can sustain rapid growth. The token has a 100Q max supply and 45% of that supply was burned at launch. The tokenomics revolve around a 6% transaction tax that provides 2% rewards to holders, a 2% burn, and contributes 2% to the projects multisignature project budget wallet.

Anti-dump prevention includes a higher tax on transactions that cause a negative price impact greater than 2%. The multi-signature project budget wallet provides the self-sustaining mechanisms to provide working and reserve capital towards new exchanges, marketing, our staking pool, and our organizational projects and charities. This capital within this wallet solves one of the most significant problem that poorly planned and executed crypto projects suffer from, the lack of working capital.

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