The volunteer ArchAngel team comes from a diverse background from all walks of life and from all over the world. Join the team and Team member of ArchAngel token come from diverse background from all over the world. With combined experiences and dedication, they are building a Crypto Ecosystem that filled with passionate and active communities  to solve real world problem.

Project Developers and strategy


Project Development



A.I has been a member of the volunteer team since inception and is passionate about development and engineering. He loves to work on technical design and new innovation, exploring new technologies and discovering use cases that provide value and utility. AI studied management abroad and owns and manages several businesses.  

A.I. lives with his wife, 5 lovely daughters, and one very noisy Macaw. 

Staying current with the fast pace of technology and education is a passion. He has been a volunteer member of the ArchAngel team since inception and enjoys working with developers and engineers to learn more about the dynamics of the digital world. The volunteer community works together to create a dynamic ecosystem that can grow with the industry for years to come.    

“Joe” is a family nickname that he cherishes. He lives in the United States with his wife and 5 children. 

Ed K

Project Technical Innovation



Ed is a pure techie and loves to dive into difficult and complex problems to develop solutions. Ed has been a volunteer member of the ArchAngel team since inception. He manages numerous digital media and satellite communication businesses and startups, and he is also passionate about cybersecurity and secure infrastructure. 

Ed enjoys world travel and is a member of the armed forces reserves.  

Project Leaders



Sting entered the crypto world in early 2021. He arrived out of curiosity and that curiosity has exploded his interest. Sting has an extensive background in both Economics and Law and has degrees in both fields. He currently works to assess financial investment scenarios and financial probabilities related to world bank disbursements.

His background has also refined his passion within the areas of analysis and research. He studies patterns and indicators within crypto and digital assets that reveal investments with a stronger likelihood of success and reduced level of risk.

Sting lives in the Philippines and travels extensively around the world. He enjoys traveling, conducting research, and helping others achieve financial freedom. Sting serves as the project’s Lead Economist.


Marketing Lead



Cesar has been part of our ArchAngel community since Day 1. He is very dedicated to our ArchAngel project and is active within our Telegram groups. He works on our Social Media sites and assists with solution testing.

Cesar has a master’s degree in Information Technology and owns an IT company. He is highly active in his local community and enjoys volunteering his talents and skills.

Cesar lives in United States with his wife and kids. His entire family is very passionate about crypto coins and tokens, especially the ArchAngel Token project.

When he is not managing his business or working on ArchAngel, Cesar enjoys spending time with his family. They love to take family trips and enjoy spending time on the lake, taking trips to the beach, and hiking.


Graphics Artist & Illustrator

Aeroflex is a crypto enthusiast who has been involved in cryptocurrency and digital assets since 2016. His approach is to discover, buy, and hold.  He believes that crypto is going to change the quality of life for people all around the world.

His professional career is in the sky as a Instrument Certified flight instructor. He flies all over within his region with both passengers and cargo.

Aeroflex speaks to the community through his graphic design and artistic ability. He works with other graphic artists within the community to create ArchAngel designs that capture the essence of our project and community.

Storm Crypto

Graphics Artist & Illustrator



Storm has been working with computers since he was 6 years old and quickly learned of his passion for working with computer programs and software. His specific areas of interest are within security, graphic design and illustration, videography, and cryptocurrencies.

Storm has been with the project since the first day and is actively in the telegram community looking for requests for new token designs.  He has submitted dozens of ArchAngel images that are being used throughout the projects artifacts, website, and social media channels. He loves to share ideas, help solve problems, and come up with solutions that add benefit to the community.

Storm lives in the US and loves fishing, exotic adventures, and international travel.


Data Analyst



Having lived and worked in various parts of the world and currently Sydney based, Craig has had a broad career track covering everything from programming to tunnel excavation, with a plan to return to IT in infosec in the future.

Craig first started to take an interest in crypto during the 2017 bull run, venturing into Ethereum alts in early-mid 2021. He first joined Archangel in early November 2021 and became more involved over time before becoming a regular on Archanomics from April 2022.

He maintains an active lifestyle, carries a positive beat and applies a common-sense approach to most problems. He enjoys a chat and always tries to help out community members wherever he can.

Community Moderators


Community Moderator


Dan was born Florida (United States). He is a cryptocurrency fanatic and has been involved in the crypto community since 2017. Dan enjoys helping people learn the about investing and believes in ArchAngel and its community-driven environment. Dan’s role as a community moderator is to share knowledge about ArchAngel, expand the members of this community, and keep a positive atmosphere within our telegram forum. 

His career is in heavy equipment and machinery and he has been working in that field for 20+ years. Dan has spent 14+ years as a major gamer, running guilds and raid groups in several different MMORPGs. He also enjoys scriptwriting and filmmaking in his spare time and has helped produce and direct a few short films over the past few years. He is the proud father of 7 kids and has been happily married for 4 years.


Community Moderator


Ibo (Sixtyeight), is father of a lovely boy and the husband to a great woman. He is a professional wedding photographer. 

Crypto has an important aspect of Ibo’s life and he spends a considerable amount of time working with ArchAngel, both on the project initiatives and within the community forums and social platforms. 

Ibo has been working a member within the ArchAngel community since Day 1, and he is passionate about the exciting and innovative things the project is working on. He believes in education, awareness, and financial freedom and enjoys teaching others about crypto and digital assets. 

ArchAngel Crypto Queen

Community Moderator


ArchAngel Crypto Queen is from Brooklyn NY. She is a mom of a very smart and handsome son diagnosed with Autism. She holds a BA in Psychology from LIU and is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.

She is a published author and was featured in Hustler magazine and had her book mentioned on the Jimmy Fallon show. She’s a businesswoman, a former Cable Talk Show host and a Real Estate Investor. She’s a crypto enthusiast and see’s the potential for life changing wealth for herself and others and is passionate about helping others obtain financial freedom and living their best life.

She loves going to the movies and reading when she can find the time.


Community Moderator


Kristen (GTB) is a former business owner and entrepreneur in New Hampshire (United States). After years as a traditional investor, Kristen entered the crypto world in early 2021 and was immediately hooked. She has been with ArchAngel since day 1 and believes in the project, its goals and the leadership. She is passionate about helping ArchAngel and its ecosystem projects reach their fullest potential.

In addition, Kristen is a Co-founder of the Archa’s Angels, a group that encourages and educates women in crypto. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, volunteering with dog rescues, skiing and traveling during her free time.

Kevint Caro

Community Moderator


Kevint is from Lanao del Sur, Philippines, and is a bonafide Member of Philippine National Police for 6 years. He is also a member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles (Philippines Eagles Club) which is a social-civic organization with a guiding principle of service through strong brotherhood and fraternal ties among its members as a keystone to humanitarian service.

Kevint is an active member in his church and also helps spread the good word of God to his local community. He enjoys chatting with new community members and answering questions.


Community Moderator


Kadir was born in Kayseri. He has a major in German and is currently teaching in Turkey. Kadir loves computer games. He first purchased Bitcoin in 2010 and used that to purchase an online game, and that experience was his introduction to the world of crypto. 

He has spent the last two years learning as much about crypto as possible and enjoys researching and investing.  He is passionate about education and learning and takes great pride in working with new investors and crypto enthusiasts so that they gain a better understanding of the crypto market and the various benefits it can provide. 





Caddy has been on his crypto journey since Q1 2021. What started as a hobby has evolved into the passion and drive he brings to ArchAngel today!. He has been in business administration for the past 17 years and has taken that experience and applied it to a need observed within crypto. This has started a vision known as Crypto Caddy to educate and inform the community involved with the cryptocurrency market about ways to navigate, utilize resources, and making aware of schemes and scams abroad.

Darshan Simha



In 2018,  Darshan (Mr. Aslan) invested into major currencies like Tron, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. He was devastated after he invested in a few altcoins  which turned out to be scams or rug pulls. Over the past two years, he has accelerated his education and research within crypto and believes that a careful yet proper strategy within crypto will provide him with the financial freedom.  

A short time ago, Darshan decided to actively spread his knowledge and experience and actively promotes education and learning within crypto and digital assets. He is passionate about teaching others how to conduct proper research so that they can make educated investment decisions.





Antonio (Crypto_Quester) was born in the United States. He likes to watch crypto YouTubers and places a high emphasis on education and research. He has been involved with ArchAngel since Day 1 and plays a very active role within the community. He enjoys creating videos and assisting with development and testing initiatives.

He believes that crypto is a game-changer and believes adoption will provide major opportunities to early investors.

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